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We dropship for many successful online stores

Nominate Dropshipping in the checkout and we will ship your work direct to your customer without our branding or any paperwork enclosed and you will automatically receive tracking details.

Your parcel is insured against damage and if the prints arrive damaged, just email a photo and the order number and we will quickly get them replaced.

Pixels Rewards Program

Join our Pixels Rewards Program and use your pixels in the checkout for money off your order. As your store grows in sales so will your pixel rewards and you’ll receive discounts based on what you spend with us.

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Include a card with your package

You can order ‘Thank You’ or ‘Certificates of Authenticity’ cards (using your design) to include with your customer’s package.


Getting your website orders printed

Store integration: If you have a very busy online store we can integrate our website with your Shopify or WordPress platform*. This is an ideal option if you have hundreds of orders each month. As an artist you’ll have more control over quality and product choice.


  • No more spending time manually uploading your orders
  • You have access to our wide range of quality papers and expert advice
  • You are in control of your own store and products
  • Lower cost solution with no ongoing subscription


  • Initial set up cost
  • It’s a more tailor-made solution so requires extra time to set up

* The price for a store integration starts at approximately $2,000,

Third party products (such as Printful or Printify): If you want to get up and running quickly you can look at third party products and customise and sell them on your website by integrating an App or Plugin, but there are a few things to consider. At first this can look like a convenient option and it can be if you are tech savvy and are able to take the time to set it up and manage any technical issues that may occur along the way. This model is ideal for you if you are less concerned about quality and happy to sell standard products and paper types. However make yourself aware of the fees and commissions you’ll pay for the products, online payments and shipping.


  • Ready-made products that you customise
  • Great for standard products (Standard size prints, mugs, t-shirts etc)
  • Less time spent dealing with orders


  • A percentage of your profits will go to the third party
  • Locked into one supplier. If you stop the service you will be without products for your store
  • Ongoing fees to use the service
  • Limited selection of papers with no option to tailor your product
  • Limited expert advice on printing and what is best for you

NB: If you have less orders, but still want to be in control of your own store we can discuss ways to set up systems so that it only takes you minutes to place an order with us. Contact us for further information.

Selling your art online

How to photograph your art to sell online

Before you can sell your work online you need to document it. But don’t let that put you off. Documenting your art doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive — all you need is a digital SLR or a high-quality phone camera and a tripod!

  • Canson Infinity Photoart Pro Canvas 395gsm

Fine Art Giclée Printing

Boost your sales with Fine Art Giclée Printing. Would you like to sell more of your work without worrying about stocking inventory or selling low-quality reproductions? Now you can sell your Photography or Art as limited edition prints that are of museum quality, rendered beautifully in high resolution and as close to an original as a reproduction can get.

Poster Printing

At PosterFactory you can print your own posters, photos and fine art prints at wholesale factory prices. Order standard sizes like A2, A1 or A0 or custom print sizes with fast poster printing delivery to metropolitan areas, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Perth takes a little bit longer.