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How to photograph your art to sell online


Before you can sell your work online you need to document it. But don’t let that put you off. Documenting your art doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive — all you need is a digital SLR or a high-quality phone camera and a tripod!

How to photograph your art to sell online2022-01-10T17:57:09+11:00

Fine Art Giclée Printing


Boost your sales with Fine Art Giclée Printing. Would you like to sell more of your work without worrying about stocking inventory or selling low-quality reproductions? Now you can sell your Photography or Art as limited edition prints that are of museum quality, rendered beautifully in high resolution and as close to an original as a reproduction can get.

Fine Art Giclée Printing2022-06-08T11:16:00+10:00

Poster Printing


At PosterFactory you can print your own posters, photos and fine art prints at wholesale factory prices. Order standard sizes like A2, A1 or A0 or custom print sizes with fast poster printing delivery to metropolitan areas, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Perth takes a little bit longer.

Poster Printing2022-06-08T11:16:16+10:00

Spotlight on Four Inspirational Female Australian Artists


Spotlight on Four Inspirational Female Australian Artists It's International Women's Day on 8th March. We're marking the occasion by celebrating four female Australian artists and some of their most famous works. Yvonne Audette, Jude Rae, Tracey Moffatt and Julie Rrap.

Spotlight on Four Inspirational Female Australian Artists2022-06-08T11:16:09+10:00

Artwork of the week #5


The Street Pavers by Umberto Boccioni (1914). To a futurist like Boccioni, the back-breaking labour needed to reimagine and reshape a new city - and forge a new destiny - is something to be celebrated. Boccioni’s use of bright colour blocks and short, bold brushstrokes blends the workers and the paving and the spinning cycle of...

Artwork of the week #52021-03-22T10:30:11+11:00

Artwork of the week #4


This week’s artwork is… Early Morning near Loch Katrine in the Trossachs, Scotland by John Glover(1831). Loch Katrine is set in the English and Scottish borderlands. The painting captures the soft golden tint of sunlight breaking through the mist and touching everything in the frame...

Artwork of the week #42021-03-22T10:51:50+11:00

Artwork of the week #3


This week’s artwork is States Of Mind: Those Who Go Umberto Boccioni (1912). Those Who Go captures the rush of urban life. Created in the Futurist style, it forces us to confront a new century filled with heavy industry and seemingly unstoppable energy.

Artwork of the week #32021-03-22T10:24:59+11:00

Artwork of the week #2


Mäda Primavesi by Gustav Klimt (1912). Mäda Primavesi was immortalised in this portrait when she was just nine years old. Wearing white, Klimt deliberately draws you to her confident gaze — Mäda demands to be noticed and heard.

Artwork of the week #22021-03-22T10:45:40+11:00

Artwork of the week #1


Ocean Life by Christian Schussele (1824–1879); James M. Sommerville (1825–1899). Ocean Life is one of the earliest examples of an American underwater illustration. It was originally created as a scientific study. But the beautiful colours, exotic plants and animals...

Artwork of the week #12021-03-22T10:42:19+11:00


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