Print ready files

How do you get better looking photographic prints

As a general rule your screen will appear brighter than the final printed image

A few things to consider...


Does your image have enough data (resolution) to print the size you want to print? We recommend a minimum of 72 dpi at printed size to get a reasonable result. Over 150 dpi and it is much better.


Does the ratio/proportions of your image match the ratio of the size you want to order? Panoramas are no longer a panorama on an A2 size. If your image is not in proportion to your requested print size parts of your image may be cropped off or there may be additional white edges. Please consider a custom size or crop the image to suit. To check proportions visit our help page.

Optional Image Enhancements

A little bit of selective unsharp masking may enhance your image to give a little more clarity. Saturate colours to add vibrancy to your image or desaturate colours for a classical look. Darken or lighten different areas of your image to direct focus, for example darken corners or edges to draw attention to the centre.


No one likes dark prints. Your screen will always look brighter than the print unless your screen has been carefully calibrated for print (not too bright). See our help page for more details.

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