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Wall Art 2502021-02-02T07:37:14+11:00

Wall Art 250

The paper that looks great in a frame

Serious DIY photographers and framers choose our premium 9 colour Epson prints. A sturdy ‘thick’ 250gsm paper with an ultra matt finish and exceptional image reproduction turn images into stunning art for any wall.

Wall Art 250


A Premium Ultra Matt paper that is the perfect choice for photographers and artists looking to produce stunning art prints with exceptional image reproduction.

  • Single flattened file only (jpg, tif, png, pdf, zip, HEIC, txt or psd).
    Will be uploaded once you click the 'Add To Cart' button.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, png, pdf, zip, heic, psd, txt, Max. file size: 100 MB.

NOTE: Once your order is placed we are not able to make any changes to the details of the order.

An exceptional print comes with a lot of features




DIY Framing




5 Years


All image types


9 Colour Epson Pigment




Ultra Matt


250 gsm


Bright White

Questions about Wall Art 250 Prints

Can I pick up my order from your office?2022-07-13T23:56:30+10:00

Yes, you can pick up your leaflets and Flyers from our Canberra shop in Fyshwick where they are printed. Please contact us to arrange a time. Alternatively you can use our free shipping to any address in Australia.

Can I order folded flyers and leaflets?2022-07-13T23:56:08+10:00

We do not offer flyers and leaflets as single sheets or folded. DL (99x210mm) are folded twice to create 6pages or sections A sizes are folded in half to create 4 pages or sections. If you require more pages contact us to find out about our multi-page brochures.

What paper do you print on?2022-02-23T16:22:44+11:00

We use Colotech+™ a bright white paper with outstanding colour reproduction. Available in a range of weights from 160gsm through to 250gsm. The paper is made with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified pulp from mixed sources which means the pulp used is from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

How long will it take to print my flyers?2022-02-23T16:13:48+11:00

We can produce your flyers in as little as 2 working days after we receive your artwork and payment.

What kind of stretchers do you use?2021-11-18T14:33:24+11:00

We use sustainably farmed, kiln dried, Australian Radiata Pine for long term stability.

What kind of canvas do you use?2021-11-18T14:32:47+11:00

340gsm, 100% cotton, PVC free canvas.

How do you manage colour when printing?2021-11-18T14:32:09+11:00

We create custom ICC profiles for each our our materials using the latest European technology.

How do you finish the edge of the canvas?2021-11-18T14:31:41+11:00

You can either supply bleed or we can create a flip edge that mirrors the image.

How will my canvas print be packaged for shipping?2021-11-18T14:31:11+11:00

Your canvas print will be well protected when shipped in our custom designed heavy duty cardboard packaging.

How do I hang my canvas print?2021-11-18T14:30:38+11:00

Your framed canvas print is supplied with a quality hanging wire on the rear.

What other sizes are available?2021-11-18T14:30:07+11:00

We do offer custom sizes, please let us know what size you need.

Does my canvas print need a protective coating?2021-11-18T14:29:28+11:00

No, we print using the latest UV stable, scratch resistant ink for indoor applications.

Will my canvas print fade?2021-11-18T14:29:01+11:00

Our canvas print are printed with the latest UV stable inks and will not fade in normal domestic situations.

How do I care for my canvas print?2021-11-18T14:28:28+11:00

Our canvas prints can be cleaned with mild detergents.

How long does it take to print and frame?2021-12-27T21:19:05+11:00

Our normal turnaround time is seven working days.

Do you stretch canvas?2021-12-30T12:33:54+11:00

Yes, we stretch our Wall Art Canvas prints, you’ll find it here.

Can you print panorama images?2021-08-19T14:20:39+10:00

As custom size we can print almost any size you want.

What is the most popular size?2021-08-19T14:19:34+10:00

600x 900mm is our most popular size.

What is the Canvas made of?2021-11-18T14:17:28+11:00

The canvas is made from 100% Cotton, PVC free.

What is the turnaround time for Wall Art Canvas Matt?2021-08-19T14:18:11+10:00

Canvas prints ships within 3 working days

How can I avoid my image printing too dark compared to my screen?2021-06-09T17:03:54+10:00

There are a number of things that you can do to prevent this happening even when working with an uncalibrated screen. First, lower the brightness of your screen so that brightest part of your screen (white) has the same level of brightness as a white piece of paper. Once you have done this have a look at your image on a white, grey and black background. Reduce the image size on screen and review the image at a matchbox size (app 30x 40 mm ). Now adjust your image until you are happy with it whilst viewing it in each of the above scenarios and be assured that your printed result will not be too dark.

How much is shipping?2021-06-08T18:01:33+10:00

Shipping for orders under $75 is $14.95. Orders $75 or over are shipped for FREE! Paper wastage is higher for smaller orders because we print from a roll and along with the costs of image rasterisation, printing, trimming, packaging and freight means we have to charge for shipping for orders under $75.00.

Can you ship direct to my customer or locations (Dropship)?2022-02-23T16:17:47+11:00

Yes! Simply place an order for each location and specify in the checkout You will receive our automatic tracking when you ship to multiple customers or locations.

I have not received my tracking/shipping details2021-09-07T16:07:49+10:00

Order confirmation, invoice and tracking details are all sent to you by email. If you don’t receive them you can always have a look in your account where you also will find order history. If you cannot find a shipping confirmation that is due, please send us an email or call and we will have a look.

Will I be told when my order/prints are ready to pick up?2021-06-08T17:56:43+10:00

Yes, you will be sent a notification by email and by SMS if you have given us your phone number.

Do you ship outside Australia?2022-03-14T17:57:30+11:00

We ship anywhere in the world by quotation. To be able to do so we need the address and the size / weight of the parcel. As a general guide we have priced our A2 flat packed parcels in the checkout with NZ being $35.00 as a standard A2 parcel while US and Europe is around $45-55.00. If you are planning for frequent sales overseas it may be worthwhile finding a local overseas print provider you can trust with your work.

My parcel/prints/order was damaged in transit2021-06-08T17:55:37+10:00

Simply send us a photo of the damaged prints and parcel and your order number and we get replacement printed straight away.

When will I receive my order/prints/poster?2021-06-08T17:54:49+10:00

Most orders are produced within days and will be with you within a week depending on where you live and what you ordered. If you are in a rush when placing your order please let us know and use the Express Post option for fast delivery.

Where is my order?2021-06-08T17:54:00+10:00

Our shipping notifications are automated so please check your spam filter first. If you can’t find a notification and you believe your product is due, please let us know so we can sort it out.

My coupon is not working2021-06-08T17:53:09+10:00

Please check the terms for the coupon as some have a minimum spend. If you have a valid coupon and it is not working we will aways refund you according to the coupon value, so just place your order and let us know so we can sort it out.

Do you do custom sized posters/prints/photos?2021-06-08T17:52:08+10:00

Yes, you can order any size with us as long as the paper comes in that width. Our widest paper is 1500mm wide by any length.

Do you print and frame?2022-07-13T23:32:48+10:00

Yes! We have our own Print+Frame product and you find them here.

I want to add to my order2021-08-25T20:51:36+10:00

In the interest of achieving the fastest possible delivery, orders go straight into production. Therefore it is not possible for us to add prints to an existing order. Please place an additional order and be assured it will be sent as quickly as possible.

How long does it take before I receive my order/prints/photos/parcel?2021-06-08T17:49:42+10:00

Our order confirmations are automated, so if you did not receive one please check your spam filter first. You will also receive a shipping notice as soon as we are ready to ship your prints. Most orders are shipped within a a couple of days (excluding special stocks and orders). If your order has been more than a week without shipping notification please let us know to ensure that there is no unnecessary delay.

Can I visit your store/factory/shop?2021-06-08T17:48:23+10:00

You are welcome to visit our facilities on weekdays. Please make an appointment first. Pick up is available 8.30 – 5.30 weekdays.

Where are you located?2021-06-08T17:46:44+10:00

Our production facility and factory is in Marrickville, NSW.

I want to change my order2021-07-08T17:54:46+10:00

It is difficult to stop an order as they go straight into production. We will though endeavour to cancel the order if you give us a call, so you can place a correct order.

I would like a quote/costing/price2021-06-08T17:31:52+10:00

All our prices are available here on the PosterFactory website as soon as you enter the size and the paper type you want us to use. If you have a project that falls outside what PosterFactory offers or you want a personalised service our B-to-B company Flash Graphics can help you with this. Please accept that the prices will higher than placing an order online.

Do you accept 16-bit files?2021-06-08T17:22:50+10:00

16-bit files are for editing only as there is really no print process that can do anything useful with all the extra data.

Do you accept RAW files?2021-06-08T17:22:19+10:00

RAW files are for editing only so please export as Tiff or Jpeg prior to placing your order.

Landscape or Portrait?2021-06-08T17:21:44+10:00

We print onto rolls of paper so the orientation of your image does not matter. We will never crop a landscape image to portrait unless specifically instructed to do so which would incur an extra charge.

Can you resize my image?2021-06-08T17:32:09+10:00

As long as your file has enough resolution and is in proportion to the size you have ordered our RIP (Raster Interpolation Process) will scale your file to the size you have ordered. There is no need to set up your file in Photoshop to a specific size.

I have a photo on my phone can you print it?2021-06-08T17:19:25+10:00

Yes, as long as you have used a high resolution setting on your phone when you took the photo. There is more information on our help page.

Can you cut to a shape?2021-06-08T17:18:36+10:00

Yes, we can cut shapes, but we will need a cut path from you and an instruction in notes in the checkout. A cut path is a layer in your vector program that will instruct our cutting process (Zund Pro-Cut) to cut the shape.

How do I print multiple files/images?2021-06-08T17:17:02+10:00

Once you have added an image to the cart you need to repeat the process for the next image so we know what paper and size you want us to print. Once you have all your images in the cart you can then go ahead and place your order.

How do I send really large files?2022-03-11T11:20:29+11:00

If you have a scan file that is larger than 100Mb (maximum single file upload) instead of uploading the image you can upload a txt file (or a Word document) with the link to your image when making an order. We recommend using ‘WeTransfer’ or ‘Google Drive’ or ‘Dropbox’ for your links but please make sure that we will not require permissions to download the file so we can get on with printing your work.

What is your maximum file size you accept for upload?2021-06-08T17:13:51+10:00

We allow a maximum of 200Mb per file as it would be rare for an original capture to be larger than that. Please make sure that your file is flattened and ideally RGB for maximum colour space.

What file format is best for sending a file?2021-06-08T17:11:14+10:00

Tiff, Jpeg, jpg or png or PDF, they will all work just make sure they are the right resolution and proportions for the size you want to order. You can check this on our help page.

Is it possible to change the resolution of a file?2021-06-08T17:09:54+10:00

Technically you can, but it does not necessarily make it a better quality print file. Please watch our video about resolution here for a greater understanding.

How do I delete an item in my cart?2021-06-08T17:08:05+10:00

To the right-hand size of your image there is a small x, click that to delete the item from your cart.

How do I know my image/file is high enough quality?2021-06-08T17:32:43+10:00

On our help page you can check the requirements for any given size. Enter your image pixel dimensions and required print size and the calculator will tell you if it works or suggest a different size. Alternatively, enlarge your image on screen to the size you want it printed to get an approximate idea of resolution and quality.

Can order images from my phone?2021-06-08T17:05:40+10:00

Yes, you can order images from your phone by WiFi or over a 4G or faster internet connection.

Can I print images from my phone?2021-06-08T17:04:18+10:00

Yes all recent phones prints very good images up to A0 size. More details on our help page.

Do you print 24×36?2021-06-08T17:00:55+10:00

Yes, 24 x 36 inches (610 x 910 mm) is a common Wall Art size.

Do you stretch canvas prints?2021-12-30T12:35:24+11:00

Yes, we stretch our Wall Art Canvas prints, you’ll find it here.

Do you print double-sided posters?2022-07-13T23:38:59+10:00

Yes, we print double sided on a synthetic blockout stock and you find it here.

What is the best paper for photography/illustrations/digital art/framing?2022-07-13T23:35:40+10:00

Best paper is a personal choice but in general we have a preference for matt stocks. For DIY framing we recommend our Wall Art 250.

If you are looking for archival printing choose one of the Fine Art stocks. We like the Ilford Textured or the Canson Edition Etching Rag.

What size prints/posters can you print?2021-06-08T16:55:53+10:00

We print to any size you want as a custom size. Our widest rolls of papers are 1500mm and we can print almost any length.

Can I paint on top of your canvas prints?2021-06-08T16:54:50+10:00

Yes, you can, but it may depend on what paints you are using so we recommend to do a small test first.

Do you print on Canvas?2022-07-13T23:38:06+10:00

Yes, we print to two types of canvas:

Canson Infinity Photoart Pro Canvas, matte, poly-cotton, you’ll find it here.
Wall Art Canvas, 100% Cotton, PVC free, you’ll find it here.

Why would you select Hahnemuhle Photo Cotton Rag 308gsm?2021-04-07T17:12:40+10:00

If you are not familiar with this brand you should get a test print done as you will not be disappointed. This brand competes for the historical top spot with Canson but there will never be a clear winner, they both are.

Why would you select Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310gsm?2021-08-13T16:01:14+10:00

This is the smoothest of our fine art stocks and the one with lowest grammage (gsm) making it ideal for mounting and framing lasting a lifetime or more. As with all Canson products the printing quality when using Epson printer is truly exceptional with unsurpassed D-max and detail guaranteed by the smooth surface.

Why would you select Canson Infinity Photoart Pro Canvas 395gsm?2021-03-29T08:50:34+11:00

You select this canvas on its archival credentials and beautiful imaging quality. This prestige canvas is the pinnacle of high end printable canvas products by the brand Canson originally founded in 1557.

Why would you select Canson Infinity Edition Rag 310gsm?2021-03-24T20:46:54+11:00

This museum-grade paper provides deep blacks, excellent image sharpness, optimum colour graduation and its unique slight grain makes it ideal for printing detailed work, colour photographs and exceptional black and white portraits It has the purest white tones in the market without using optical brighteners.

How does the paper compare with other fine art stocks?2021-04-12T17:40:36+10:00

All our fine art stocks have similar archival properties and they will all do an equally good job with imaging. The deciding factor is often familiarity with a stock and an artist’s preference for a particular surface finish and look, especially so when printing onto canvas.

Can you send me a sample?2021-06-08T16:48:51+10:00

As we do not have a minimum order it it is better to get a small test print done. Not only do you get to see the stock but also how your own artwork looks in print. In fact we always recommend running a test print (proof) if you are new to printing. Please be aware that your screen is not a representation of how your file will print unless you have a high-end calibrated screen. Even so, nothing beats printing a test print (a proof) to perfect your final prints.

Is this stock environmentally sustainable?2021-04-07T17:13:26+10:00

Cotton rags stocks are made from leftovers from other manufacturing and you can read more about this here.

Why use cotton gloves?2021-04-07T17:13:33+10:00

If you have washed your hands and trust yourself only to hold the absolute edges of the print then there is no need for gloves. The ink surface is fragile and should be kept free from unnecessary contaminants to keep its utmost archival integrity.

Why would you select Ilford Galerie Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm?2021-03-22T12:03:19+11:00

This slightly textured stock is one of our most popular choices. The traditional watercolour look and feel in conjunction with pristine imaging by Epson pigment printers makes this an outstanding paper. Using a cotton rag stock like this from Ilford also guarantees your artwork first class longevity, which is respected by art galleries and museums alike.

How can I avoid my image printing too dark compared to my screen?2021-02-02T12:53:05+11:00

There are a number of things that you can do to prevent this happening even when working with an uncalibrated screen. First, lower the brightness of your screen so that brightest part of your screen (white) has the same level of brightness as a white piece of paper. Once you have done this have a look at your image on a white, grey and black background. Reduce the image size on screen and review the image at a matchbox size (app 30x 40 mm ). Now adjust your image until you are happy with it whilst viewing it in each of the above scenarios and be assured that your printed result will not be too dark.

I have a technical question, who can I talk to?2022-07-13T23:40:24+10:00

Please have a look at our help page and if you cannot find the answers feel free to send us an email, Live Chat or give us a call.

Can I have borders on my prints?2021-06-08T17:35:26+10:00

We mainly print from print-ready artworks so if you require borders, please include them within your artwork. If you require extra white material outside your ordered size you can add this in the checkout. The options are 10mm/25mm/50mm additional white media outside your image. so if you want borders please include them within your artwork.

How do I set up my file?2021-01-25T12:25:28+11:00

In general 72 dpi (or above) at final print size will give you a good quality images. Text or logos should preferably be as vector files or minimum 100 dpi. You can learn more on our help page here. On this page you can also check that your image is the right proportions for the size you want to order.

How much for a print?2021-06-08T17:33:16+10:00 is an online store with all prices displayed as soon as you nominate size, paper type and quantity. All sizes should be entered in millimetres. Freight is free, Australia wide, if your order is $75 or more.

Can’t find an answer? Check all our FAQS or talk to us on Live Chat below or get in touch

Check our video guides for help with your file

Printing your art with PosterFactory is easy

It takes just 2 minutes to order your prints at PosterFactory. Simply choose your size, upload your image from your phone or computer and checkout. That’s it! If you get stuck just talk to us via our Chat Box. Fred or Melissa will be ready to help.

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How to frame your art

Both the colour and shape of a frame are distinctive features that will enhance and complement your art. Spend the time to find the right one and there are inexpensive solutions.

What is the image focal point?
Full-bleed framing (the image sits edge to edge) is great for any print with a lot of negative (or empty) space. Adding an extra border (or Matt) around your photo can draw the eye towards the centre. The width of the border can be determined by balancing the space between the frame and image.

What’s the decor style of the room?
Choose from Rustic to Modern frame shapes and style to compliment the image and room and match the colour with one in your image or with your decor.


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